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[Non-Denominational & Penticostal]


(Spirit Filled - Praise & Worship - Word of Faith)   1835 Overlook Drive Winter Haven Fl

Pastor Jeff Connor      

{Afiliate of Family Worship Center Lakeland /Pastor Reggie Scarbourgh}

Services:Turs. Evening Family Night 7:00pm  Sunday Morn 10:30am  Sunday Evening 6:30pm

Spirit Filled Children's & Youth Ministry's Also   (941) 318-0701


142 Avenue C South West Winter Haven, Florida 33880  (941) 294-2376

Welcome to our service! We have a passion for serving Jesus, A love for one another, and a place for you!

Service Times: Sunday Morning Bible Classes 9:30am  Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am

Sunday evening Worship 6:00pm  Wednesday Evening Service 7:00pm


675 Avenue E South West  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 299-2447

Services Held By Pastor D.W. Hughs

Family Worship Center

1301 7th Street S.W. Winter Haven, Florida

(941) 294-2659

First Christian Church

297th Street S.W. Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-5782

Cypress Cathedral

1801 Havendale Blvd. N.W. Winter Haven, Florida 33881  (941) 294-3561

Church Of Christ

1750 6th Street N.W. Winter Haven, Florida

Harvest Chaple

112 8th Street W. Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-4545

Good Shepard Ministries

4377 Lake Dexter Drive E. Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-8554

Winter Haven Christian

301 6th Street S.W.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-4971

First Alliance Church

2401 34th Street N.W.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 967-0996

Salvation Army Church

927 6th Street N.W.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 291-5105

Village Church of God

6 Colman Road  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-0782

Living Conevant

3460 Recker Hwy.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-5744

New Life Worship

100 Lake Ruby Drive  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-2685

Service Times  Sunday Morning Worship- 10:00am   Wednesday Night Worship- 7:00pm

Day Care / Pre-school- 7:30am to 5:30pm. (Monday-Friday)   Small Group Meetings At Various Times, Call For Info.

Second Street Church

2101 2nd Street  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-1791

Church of God by Faith

130 Palmetto Avenue  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 299-7398

Full Gospel Fellowship

165 5th Street  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 291-4814

Church Of Jesus

312 Avenue S South, West  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 299-4898

Christian Embassy

3601 Cypress Gardens Road S.E. Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 318-0511

[Assemly Of God]


115 Woodland Drive  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 299-2850

Services Held By Pastor Joel J. Johnson

Service Times  Sunday Bible Study 10:00am  Sunday Morning worship 11:00am

Sunday Evening Bible Study 6:00pm  Wednesday Family Night 7:00pm

Calvery Assembly Of God

3800 Recker Highway  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-5710

Service Times  Sunday School 9:30am  Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am  Sunday Evening Worship 6:30pm

Wednesday Ministry 7:00pm  Saturday Night "life" 6:30pm  

Garden Grove Assembly

3379 Cypress Gardens Gove  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-7880

New Hope Assembly

3601 Cypress Gardens Road S.E.  Winter Haven, Florida 33884  (941) 326-9110


First Church Nazarene

560 3rd Street  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-0690


Saint Pauls Holiness Church

2520 Fourth Street Norht East  Winter Haven, Florida 3381  (941) 293-4283

Services Held  By Bishop James Cochran

Service Times  Sunday Bible Schol 9:30am  Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am

Sunday Evening Worship 6:00pm  Tuesday Prayer Meeting 7:30pm


Holly Cross Episcopal

201 Kipling Lane  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-4021

Saint Pauls Episcapal

656 Avenue L   Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-8888


Saint Joseph

532 Avenue M  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-3144

Saint Mathew

651 Carl Floyd Road  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-3040


Beymer Memorial United Methodist

700 Lake Howard Drive  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-3186

Saint Johns United Methodist

1800 Cypress Gardens Boulvard  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-6347


Grace Lutheran

327 Avenue C  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-8447

Resurrection Lutherian

5651 Cypress Gardens Boulavard  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-7263


Cypress Ridge Presbyterian Church

3085 Cypress Gardens Rd. S.E.  Winter Haven ,Florida  (941) 325-9864

Services held by pastor Don Krafft

Service times  Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:00am  Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am

Convent Presbyterian

1410 Dundee Road  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-6900

Hope Presbyterian Church

2110 Cypress Gardens Boulavard  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 324-6382

First Presbyterian

637 6th Street  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-3121


Lake Ship Baptist Church

Highway 92 South West  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-9572

Service Times  Sunday Bible Study 9:30am  Sunday Service 11:00am  

Sunday Evening Bible study 6:00pm  Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30pm

Haven Baptist Church

2105 King Road South West  Winter Haven, Florida 33880  (941) 293-0930

Services To Be Held By Dr. Bob Gage (Pastor)

Service Times:  Sunday Mornig Bible Study 9:30am  Sunday Morning service 10:30am

Sunday Evening Service 6:30pm  Wednesday (Family Night) 6:45pm


1800 Sixth Street Norht West  Winter Haven, Florida 33881  (941) 293-8433

Services Held BY Pastor William R. Elrod

Service Times  Sunday Morning Sunday School 9:45am  Sunday Morning Worship 10:55

Sunday Evening Service 7:00pm  Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30pm


130 Avenue G South East  Winter Haven, Florida 33880  (941) 299-5072

Have you found church to be:  Boring? Irrelevant? Predictable? Archaic?  

If so,  you need to check out Grace Babtist Church, A place to meet and know God,

a lighthouse and a safe harbor where all can find healing, peace, and purpose.

Service Times  Sunday Bible Study 9:30am  Sunday AM Worship 10:45am  Sunday "Grace at night" 6:30pm

Mid-week Institute (Wed.) 6:30pm  World Of Life club (Wed.) 6:30pm  TeamKid (Wed.) 6:30pm

Calvary Babtist

2101 Overlok Drive S.E.  Winter Haven, Florida 33884  (941) 324-4262

Service Times: Sunday School- 9:30am to 10:45am  Sunday Morning Worship- 11:00am to 12:00pm

Sunday Youth Disciples- 4:00pm to 4:45pm  Sunday Evening Choir- 5:00pm to 5:45pm

Sunday Evening Service- 6:oopm to 7:00pm  

Special Events:  Tuesday and Thursday Ladies Arobics 7:00pm  Tuesday Ladies Bible Study 9:30am

Wednesday Evening Fellowship For All Ages 6:30pm   Preschool / kindergarden through sixth grade.

First Babtist JPV.

100 Hatfield Road  Winter Haven, Florida 33880  (941) 293-9020

Westwood Missionary

3210 Avenue G N.W.  Winter Have, Florida 33880  (941) 294-2219

Parkland Babtist Church

1800 8th Street S.E.  Winter Haven, Florida 33880  (941) 293-9868

SouthSide Babtist

1301 7th Street S.W.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-2659  (941) 293-2391

First Babtist of Winter Haven

198 Central Avenue  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-4133

Faith Babtist Church

2140 Crystle Beach Road  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-0689

Inwood Babtist church

1302 33rd Street N.W. Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 967-2504

Full Gospel Babtist

3600 Avenue M N.W.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 967-6665

Lake Region Babtist

2019 Dundee road  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-1734

New Hope Babtist Church

1808 7th Street N.E.  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-7336

Winter Haven Babtist Temple

1500 Dundee Road  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 294-6478

Macedonia Babtist

500 Avenue T  Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 295-7947

Centralm Babtist Church

57 6th Street N.W. Winter Haven, Florida  (941) 293-2295