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 Seat  NEW - Le Pera -  Solo
Harley Davidson Softail 1984-1999 -  Model LN 250 -hardware included
If you're looking for the thinnest, narrowest solo on the market, look no further, you’ve found
your calling.
The simplicity of this seat allows it to flow into every paint and styling scheme, making it the
perfect choice for any stock or custom bike.
If you are planning on lowering your bike, try a Bare Bones Solo first, it’s a lot less work and
money. The Bare Bones Solo is not for everyone, but for many, it will be the ultimate seat.
Retail value $187.95
Buy it Now $99.00  (Shipping info =  7 lbs)  Use the Shipping Cauculator below
 Dr Neon "Red" Glow Job "Z"  Plug Wire Kit V-Twin  You have seen Doctor Neon’s custom spark plug neon wires used on Jesse James West Coast
 Choppers - 
On the Discovery Channel Program “On the Inside, Monster Garage”.  
You have also seen Dr Neon’s LED and neon lighting on Orange County Choppers motorcycles
Retail value $ 149.00
Buy it Now $99.00    (Shipping info =  3 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

  M2R Motorcycle Helmet NEW M Open faced 3 snap sun visor - Plush comfort interior - D-ring retention system - D.O.T. approved
Retail value $ 59.00

Buy it Now $29.00
   (Shipping info =  4 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

Missing Linx Vest Expanders
Very Unique 3 Ring Inter-linking  "Missing Link Design"
Retail value $18.95 ea.
BUY It Now $10.89 ea.  (Shipping info =  1 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below
3 for $30.00

Yost Power Tube for S&S Carbs Super D,G  
Retail value $47.95
Buy it Now $29.99   (Shipping info =  1 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

  Crankcase Breather Assembly
Comes complete with a one-piece filter molded to a lightweight decorative end cap, a chrome zinc die-cast mounting base with 5/16" inlet and a hose clamp. The hose clamp holds the filter to the base when the vent hose is installed. Installs in minutes and is the perfect mate to our faceted gas caps and oil tank plugs.
Retail value $16.95
Buy it Now $9.99    
(Shipping info =  1 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

 Power Cones Anti-Reversionary (R)' Design Khrome Werks
Drop a set of Power Cones (TM)
into the headpipes of most stock and aftermarket 1 3/4" exhaust systems on Evolution and Twin Cam 88 engines and reap the benefits of the patented 'Anti-Reversionary (R)' design found in Python (R), AR (R) and ARII (TM) high-performance exhausts.
Stainless Steel
Anti-reversion cones are a device you put into your head pipes, near the cylinder head, to discourage reversion (i.e. a positive pressure wave in the pipe that interferes with cylinder fill if it arrives during valve overlap)
Will not fit .. if the Exhaust port is 2" wide.
(Many bikes start with 1&3/4" ports then open to 2" or more progressively as the pipe lenghtens)

Retail value $29.95
Buy it Now $19.
99  (Shipping info =  2 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

 Turnsignal Modual w/load balance & Auto shutoff
Retail value $79.95
Buy it Now $59.00    
(Shipping info =  1 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

Temprature Oil Dipstick for Softail
Retail value $19.95
Buy it Now $14.99  (Shipping info =  1 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

  Mini Bullet Chrome Marker Lights
Red Lenses - 1&1/4 inch wide X 3 inch long - Bullet Marker Lights Chromed
Sold in Pairs - New in Box

Retail value $39.95
Buy it Now $26.99  (Shipping info =  2 lbs) Use the Shipping Cauculator below

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