Air Scoop from a Factory Air Cleaner

By Tony Anzalone

2002V-Star 1100 Custom

I finally did the D-BAK or MaxAir individual Filter Pod System. see DBAK

This was originally developed by "Dave Benson" and can be purchased in kit form at Maxair.

Scoop: So Now what to do with that big open area where the Air Cleaner was?

Since I like the Stock Air Cleaner look on my V-Star 1100, I gutted the Air Cleaner Unit, (leaving just enough material to re-mount it).  I Used a Dremmel tool to cut out, (or melt), the gutted filter box.

Then I cut a Air Scoop into the front so it can also serve a needed function.

I used masking tape to mark and protect the plastic chrome cover, then I drew with a marker the desired design and cut with a hand Coping Saw to my marks.  

I Sanded with a Dremmel tool on all the cut edges to clean it up and removed the masking tape.

To add a finished look to the scoop, I then slit a piece of 1/4" black tubing and slipped it over the cut edge to finish it off.

Now it looks stock and pushes cooler air over the engine but also flushes out the hot air around the UNI Pod Filters under the tank !

Total Cost $00.00

Click on image to see larger more detailed picture


              Gutted Air Filer from Back                  Side View looks Stock                            Cut a Scoop in the Front        



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Have Fun & Ride Safe

Tony Anzalone

Give the Glory to GOD

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